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Vote For The Network
Here you can find the links to vote for the network. Voting for the network helps the server grow, and rewards you with cool prizes. Prizes vary depending the server you vote on. You can gain access to these links in game by using the command /vote.

Forum Rules
This is a list of rules for the forum, these rules apply to the whole website and anything related to The ProPlayz Network's web domain. Breaking these rules will result in a warning. Multiple warnings may lead to an in game ban.
1. Do not post something with less than three characters, meaning you cannot post "<3" or ":D" as this is spam posting. Instead you can put, "Thanks :D" which would not be considered spam.

2. Do not create threads if directed towards a certain member (unless it's a report, etc.). These threads are unnecessary and create hostility, arguments. You can prevent this by messaging them through a private conversation instead.

3. Do not create thread titles that are not relevant to your topic. In example do not put, your as "I'M DYING" if you are talking about how amazing BenProPlayz is. It's unnecessary and "clickbait". Title threads appropriately.

4. Do not swear in your threads or be rude. Same rules apply as well as in-game. Any swearing, bypassed swearing, etc. will get your post removed.

5. Do not disrespect any staff or members of the community through private conversation or on a separate thread. This includes if you were falsely banned by a staff member. All false bans are based on judgement and meant well at the time unless otherwise stated.

6. Do not post links on your profile, threads, or any where on the site. The only exception to this rule is if you are posting a relevant YouTube video, screenshot, etc that is ProPlayz related.

7. Do not create arguments...

Staff Application Information
If you are an active member of our community and feel like you have what it takes to become a staff team member, you can apply to become one. There are a few requirements that you will need to meet before you can apply for our network.
Age Requirement: 13 - We are looking for maturity.
Active member on our Discord server - You must be an active member of our public Discord server.
Ability to Talk on Discord - You must be able to call on Discord.
Know the Rules - You must have a strong knowledge of our rules here at The ProPlayz Network.
Active Member - You must have been an active member of the forum and server for a week.
Must be Friendly - You must be friendly and supportive to all players, even those who you have "Beef" with.
Don't Have any Severe Punishments - Severe punishments for Hacking, Duping, Glitching, Racism, etc will lead
Active Player - You must be online for at least 10 hours per week.
Record Your Screen - You must be able to record your screen in case of hackers/rule breakers for evidence.
Have Good SPaG - You must have good spelling, punctuation, and grammar.